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Let the work in hand be your sole occupation, do not consider its fruits

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After starting my working life as an orthopaedic student nurse (sadly didn’t go onto train as a registered nurse, but the memories and learning have always remained with me), I read a book with a proper cheesy title back in 1988 (You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, still an absolute fave!).


This led to me becoming really interested in complementary medicine and consequently training as a Reflexologist in 1989. Since then, I’ve practiced this fine therapy over the years, having some breaks here and there as my life path dictated, and over time added a few more tools to my magic kit.



I find it satisfying being able to help others and am grateful that my life took this turn.


When I’m not in the Healing Shala, I am usually to be found outdoors. I adore being out in nature, it’s where I feel most connected to myself and “something” greater whatever that is. Love walking and foraging – finding delicious stuff to eat or make medicines from, and gardening and growing veggies.


I enjoy cooking and eating wholesome foods, of course with cake/chocolate treats here and there. Rather introverted, so not a lover of big bustling events, but enjoy being with friends and family and discussing all manner of things. I like reading, personal development and learning new stuff and rather enjoy an adventure whether its camping or travelling abroad. But quite a simple girl really!


Yoga is a long-term love of mine which began when I lived at home and my Dad brought home a yoga book with a lady in a pink leotard on the front. I’d spend time working on the poses contained within, not really knowing why, other than it felt good to move in these ways! I’ve attended classes on and off ever since, till doing a BWY foundation course in yoga, when I knew I wanted to teach.


I qualified from the Apanaveda School of Yoga in 2017 and have been teaching at the beautiful Notley Yoga Centre here in Braintree, Essex ever since.


I find it satisfying being able to help others through my therapy offerings and yoga.


Sue is a fully insured member


of The Association of



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