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• to help ease a whole range of physical or emotional conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal imbalances,   headaches, high blood pressure, stressful feelings, insomnia and anxiety.


• to simply relax and take some time out.


• to use as a support system whilst undergoing life changes.


Whatever reason, rest assured you will be in safe hands and left feeling relaxed, cared for and positive.


Although by no means a cure all, there are numerous physical and mental benefits to be gained through this theraputic foot massage. These may be due to the promotion of deep relaxation that allows the body to switch from the 'flight or fight' to the 'rest and digest' nervous system whilst allowing the body precious time out from the physical and emotional stresses of everyday life.


During the treatment using organic foot balm, I seek out areas in

the feet that feel tight, grainy, lacking or having too much energy

or maybe feel a little uncomfortable to the patient as these can

reflect areas in the whole body that may be in need of help. If

these areas are found, I focus on them with specific and focused

massage to help release any imbalances there.


From this state of relaxation, the body’s natural self-healing processes' are activated as muscular tension drifts away leaving a feeling of well-being.  


You may choose this treatment -

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