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A step up from this could be to focus on our breathing in order to exclude thought. When the  mind wanders (which it invariably does) we bring it gently back to the breath. Or maybe, following a guided visualisation leading us through a relaxation sequence and on an imagined 'journey' to a peaceful place. Alternatively, we could focus on a visual object such as a candle or pleasing image or repeat a mantra (repetitive statement) to distract the mind.


Our courses and one to ones in Meditation tuition cover the methods above and allow a supportive space in which to practice.


Whichever method we use to quieten the mind, the benefits of meditation can be powerful and may include:


  • more happiness and flow in your life

  • reduction in stress and anxiety

  • a greater sense of inner-peace and tranquillity

  • improved mental, emotional and physical well-being

  • increased confidence and self-esteem

  • more restful and refreshing sleep

  • better focus , concentration and memory

  • may enhance creativity

  • can help with attaining  a sense of spiritual connection

  • helps to create a deeper understanding of others



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Meditation could be described as a state of

thoughtless awareness when the mind is

freed from scattered thoughts.


You could say that any task we perform in a totally focused way, be it washing up or sitting in the garden are simple forms of meditation. The key is to be experiencing that moment fully; to be in a state of mindfulness.









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