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I offer four treatments that are known to shift our nervous systems into relaxation mode to give a sense of comfort and calmness from where our bodies and minds have time and space to reset. This can often begin a process that helps ease many physical and emotional symptoms such as poor digestion, hormonal imbalance, headaches, aches and pains, anxiety, uneasiness, agitation and tension. Read on!


Reflexology – a deeply relaxing therapeutic foot massage targeting specific areas of the feet reflecting the whole body.


Holistic Facial – so much more than a traditional beauty salon treatment. A nurturing treatment working with acupressure points and meridians (energy pathways) in the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.


Reiki – a soothing practice whereby ‘universal healing energy’ is directed into the patient wherever it is needed, be that on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.


Yoga – I teach weekly group or one to one yoga classes to help you re-connect with your body and mind through movement and breath.


All of these rebalancing treatments are bespoke for each individual (apart from the group yoga classes) and work with any presenting systems or issues revealed during the initial consultation. After care advice is given after each treatment so that the restorative effects can continue after and between treatments. Each treatment includes a guided relaxation and lasts 60 minutes, but there's always time to talk and plan - so allow up to 90 minutes per session. Hope to see you in my peaceful space near Freeport in Braintree, Essex.




....by taking a more in depth look at each treatment by clicking on each of them above, choose your pathway to wellness and book an appointment today!


I look forward to working with you.




Sue Cumming X

When was the last time you felt totally relaxed?


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