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• to help ease physical or emotional conditions  

   such as headaches; irritable bowel syndrome;    

   insomnia; hormonal imbalances,  high blood

   pressure or anxiety.

• to simply relax and take some time out.

• to use as a ‘support system’ whilst            

    undergoing life changes.


Whatever reason, rest assured you will be in safe hands and left feeling relaxed, nurtured, positive and ready to take on the world.


Your first treatment includes a free consultation covering medical history and questions about your lifestyle that could be relevant; all details are kept in the strictest confidence. Suggestions may be made for lifestyle ‘adjustments’ to compliment your course of Reflexology.

This powerful form of Reflexology

focuses on stimulating the spinal

reflexes of the feet to identify any nerve roots that may have become compressed through trauma or bad posture. This compression can affect all the internal organs and therefore all body systems which are fed by the spinal nerves. Now with Spinal Reflexology, each nerve root running through individual vertebra  can be energised to help correct any inbalances.

Although by no means a ‘cure all’, there are numerous physical and mental benefits to be gained

through Reflexology. These may be attributed to the promotion of deep relaxation that allows

the body precious ‘time out’ from the physical and emotional stresses of everyday life.


From this state, the body’s natural self-healing processes' are activated as muscular tension drifts

away leaving a feeling of centred and grounded well-being.  

I've been having reflexology with Sue for a while now, I always look forward to my sessions and always feel so relaxed during and after each session. Sue works on my hormone imbalance and I really feel it's working. Looking forward to my next session. Thank you Sue X  

Lucy. Braintree


We all love your reflex treatment today! Certainly can recommend your reflex treatment! Xxx    

Lillian. Loughton


Thanks Sue for the great reflexology. I feel quite calm - it’s hard to explain it, but just a general sense of feeling well in myself.

Mo. Colchester







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My session was wonderful and I felt great.  My feet were not sore for once when I woke up the next day. Sarah. Braintree


Thankyou so much for all of the little 'stress holidays' you have given me.

Nicky. Gt Dunmow


Thankyou for all your magic you have worked on me over the past year.

Jodie. Bradwell


Had a fabulous reflexology and facial treatment today.

Can highly recommend it. Thanks Sue x

Chris. Gosfield

Holistic Reflexology

Spinal Reflexology

Reflexology  is a relaxing form of massage generally applied to the feet to bring balance and harmony to the whole person.The holistic therapist looks for, and treats the causes of dis-ease rather than symptoms alone, which is often the case with conventional medicine.


You may choose to have a treatment -