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At this time post covid (here's hoping!), I'm just offering Reflexology and yoga as both of these can be carried out in a socially distanced manner to keep us all safe. (I am following guidelines from the government, my professional association and insurers. These guidelines will be emailed to clients on booking or as requested).


Reflexology – a deeply relaxing therapeutic foot massage targeting specific areas of the feet reflecting the whole body. It helps shift our nervous systems into relaxation mode to give a sense of comfort and calmness from where our bodies and minds have time and space to reset. This can often begin a process that helps ease many physical and emotional symptoms such as poor digestion, hormonal imbalance, headaches, aches and pains, anxiety, uneasiness, agitation and tension


During this rebalancing treatment, I work with any presenting systems or issues revealed during the initial consultation. After care advice is given so that the restorative effects can continue after and between treatments. Each treatment lasts 60 minutes, but there's always time to talk and plan.


Hope to see you in my peaceful space near Freeport in Braintree, Essex.


Yoga – This time honoured disipline helps us re-connect with our body and mind. Focusing on our breath during the sessions allows our nervous systems to calm down, bringing clarity of thought and the movement helps ease out tension and tightness from our bodies. Over time, the practice of yoga helps us to know and accept ourselves more fully (and from this place, others too). It can literally be transformational. Magic!


I look forward to working with you at the beautiful Notley Yoga Centre in Braintree, Essex.




Sue Cumming X

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